PARRISH | ROBACK is an innovative, full service, residential and multifamily investment firm with a proven track record in finding and unlocking value in underutilized assets in and around Los Angeles and delivering results to investors in a timely fashion.

As an investment and service-oriented business we are able to maintain a constant presence in local markets, creating value in all phases of the real estate cycle. Our leadership has many years of relevant real estate industry experience, bringing to the team proven success in identifying, acquiring, managing and re positioning residential real estate investments.  The entire process is actively managed by the two principals who co-invest on every deal.


Our mission is to exceed expectations on every project while providing transparency to our investors throughout the process.


With years of experience in up and down markets, PARRISH | ROBACK brings together honed skills in finance, underwriting, acquisition, rehab, management and disposition of single and multi-family assets, creating returns for investors in a competitive marketplace.

Matthew Parrish, a licensed California Real Estate Broker, began his career with the accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers before moving into the commercial banking group of Bank of America where he learned to underwrite finance for a broad array of asset classes, allowing him to start an independent mortgage brokerage where he has financed hundreds of millions of dollars in purchase and refinance transactions since 2007.  Having his own firm allowed him to expand into the procurement and management of multi-family assets where he has gained invaluable knowledge developing a proven value added management approach to ownership of apartments in Los Angeles.

Matthew oversees investor relations, accounting, financing and deal analysis.

Jarrod Roback, began his career in Real Estate rehabbing a 40 unit Victorian style multifamily building in the Russian Hill section of San Francisco.  Following that experience life took him to the east coast where he studied real estate finance and investment at New York University’s extension program.  Back in California beginning in 2009 Jarrod started buying up distressed single family homes, renovating them and reselling them for a profit.  Since then he has lead numerous single and multifamily projects that have been very successful with rehab budgets up to $700,000.  He has managed everything from design, syndication, contracting , property analysis/value engineering, acquisition, disposition, and marketing.  Jarrod’s fundamental talent is executing well conceived projects within the financial constraints of the project budget.

Jarrod oversees project management and sources projects through his established and vast network of real estate agents and homeowners.


Taking meaningful steps to oversee and control all elements of the investment cycle we offer the following on all of our investments:

  1. deal procurement
  2. underwriting and analysis
  3. financing
  4. building and landscape design
  5. construction budgeting
  6. accounting
  7. construction management
  8. marketing & disposition


To build a full service construction and development enterprise where we are well positioned to leverage opportunities in the residential marketplace at scale, be they single or multi-family developments, ground up construction or redevelopment.  We see a company that has a pipeline of ongoing single family development projects that builds into larger apartment and condo projects as we continue to grow with our investors.